Viplex - Unique way of entertainment

Viplex - Unique way of entertainment

Publish date : 2024/01/01

Even if we are used to playing games with our electronic devices, board games never get old. Playing the same games for a long time can sometimes be boring and we are starting to search for different games to try. So, me and Abdullah decided to create a new game to spend more interesting time together. Abdullah came up with the basic idea of "Viplex" and it was interesting to play the game because it was improving our intelligence. While playing together we discovered new game styles and interesting rules. We spread it to our relatives like cousins and parents. siblings. After a while, I came up with an idea to establish a startup of "Viplex" and announce it to the public. Why not make it the world's most popular game?

Here starts our journey of startup. First I started to make digital 3D prototypes of how the product will look like, while Abdullah was creating the rules, game styles and making our game idea the best. I have created more than 10 variants both digitally and physically. Then my dad took us to meet his friend who has a workshop with CNC laser machine. I have never seen such a machine, so I talked with my dad's friend to learn how he could help us. He showed me some of his projects and we created the first prototype of the game in the same day. The feeling was awesome because even though all of my prototypes were useless we got the idea of how to manufacture the product. I have spent 1 - 2 months to learn the laser machine and during this process, we have created more than 5 versions.

Finally, I got the best version for starting the bulk manufacture and I had already learnt the machine, so we started to manufacture but we had really less time left because summer holiday was over and I had to go to Poland, to continue my studies. In the end, we could manufacture 7 products, yes it was really less. I took half with me to the Poland to introduce it to people there. The main problem in Poland was the manufacturer, because there are not friends with laser machine :). We were planning to rent a workshop and buy a machine with interest-free loan. But it required a high amount of money (at least for a student).

Then I contacted a person who sells hand-made craftings like bracelets. Because I saw a laser machine in one of his posts. I barely found the location. It actually was a community space, not personal, but I did not know that. One of the responsible people was explaining to me what is this place, because I never seen such thing and I was trying to understand the purpose of this space. The coin fell off; everything was clear, and I found what I needed to produce the product. I became a member and that's it, we have a laser machine. Currently, we are organizing events, and competitions to spread it among people. Now let me introduce our game to you.

It is called "Viplex" and is made of plywood. The game should be played with 2 players, called "Brain 1" and "Brain 2". Each player has their own 6x6 tiles board, 36 different number pieces, and 1 joker - called "X". 9 number pieces of each player is yellow. For "Brain 1" the other 27 number pieces and "X" are white, and for "Brain 2" it is green. The goal in the game is to get the largest number by arranging the pieces in your pocket. White and green colors can only be placed on the owner's board, except "X", it should be placed only on the opponent's board. Placing "X" will make your opponent's column and row (also diagonal line if placed on it) out of usage, those lines will not be counted while choosing the winner. The yellow colors can be placed on both boards, the purpose of this color is to prevent your opponent from creating a larger number than you.

With its easy gameplay, it will not get you bored and it will improve your IQ by making you think about the best move to make.

If you are interested in testing the game you can check our website and also contact us via:


+48 733 228 774




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