Web App development and Software Engineering: Lesson 2

Web App development and Software Engineering: Lesson 2

Publish date : 2024/02/18

Welcome to our first lesson on Software Engineering and Web App Development with ASP.NET! Today, we embark on a journey into the foundational concepts of software development, especially with 

  • Problems in the Software development process

  • Trends in SE

  •        General problems faced in the development of stateless web applications

In today's lesson we are going following workshops:

1. Making a website with AI

In this tutorial, we will make a website with ChatGPT or Bard, and publish it to the host (tiiny.host)

Explain what is the hosting, and why we need a server for hosting. Hosting types, prices, publish, DevOps, CI/CD, SDLC.

Test it with codepen.io 

2. Making a website from a template

Let's make a website from the template, make some changes (logo, menu, names, text, contact), and again upload it to the host. 

Task: Try to get this website from another computer (server, the computer acts like a server)

3. Making mobile versions of the above websites

Let's convert the above website to a mobile app, using an online app maker.

4. Making a website using Asp.Net

Research for terms: Framework, Library and compare them. What is MVC?

Do the same things with the Visual Studio IDE.

5. Learning Microsoft

Sign up for the Learning Academy of Microsoft to gain certificates...


6. Install Visual Studio 2022

Download Visual Studio 2022 Community and Visual Code, share it along the local network, and install it on all devices. 


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